Impatto della diagnostica per immagini digitale

lunedì, marzo 12, 2018


Carl LaCasce

Senior Vice President - Sales & Marketing

Come mostrano le nostre vendite record di 100.000 pannelli per detettori digitali, i detettori digitali hanno avuto un impatto significativo sul mercato. Presso Varex, attualmente vendiamo detettori a OEM (produttori di apparecchiature originali) medicali e industriali in tutto il mondo.

Why use digital imaging?

Despite the previous progress that has been made, there is still room for enhancing our technology. In the future, we are working to make our next generation products faster, smarter, and more portable, while remaining cost-effective. Newer technologies, like complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) technology, are already improving detector technology. We will continue to innovate to deliver high quality technology at a low cost to the patient. With our digital detectors, clinicians can produce an image in around 10 seconds. Conversely, radiographic imaging using film or computed radiography (CR) is significantly slower and is subject to more retakes, which means additional radiation exposure for patients. Using digital software tools, clinicians can also manipulate the image to make small corrections in density so that patient throughput is greater than when film or CR are used. Furthermore, digital panel technology continues to advance, offering great improvements in workflow, reducing the need for extra equipment, and allowing clinicians to produce images in less time and with lower radiation doses to patients.

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