DC-VELA is a compact, high performance photon counting X-ray detector, designed and optimised for dental panoramic imaging.

Photon counting technology offers true digital pixels for excellent image quality even at high speeds. True digital pixels are free from read-out noise, resulting in superb low-dose performance and excellent efficiency. The corresponding benefits for the users are lower patient dose, shorter exposures and improved image quality.

DC-VELA brings leading-edge medical spectral imaging technology to dentistry. The true digital pixels are energy discriminating and produce multiple spectral images in addition to the standard X-ray image – all without extra hardware or increased dose.


DC-Vela Technical Specifications

DC-Vela Technical Specifications Overview

Tecnologia Dimensione pannello Matrice di pixel Dimensione pixel in µm Intervallo di energia (kV) Tipo di scintillatore
Photon Counting
186 x 90 x 23 mm3

1541 x 60

Cadmium Telluride CdTe

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