Industrial CBCT Software Tools - Corrected vs. UncorrectedCBCT Software Tools 

Varex Imaging, a leading supplier of cone beam computed tomography systems (CBCT) for industrial use, is now providing companion image processing and CBCT reconstruction algorithms in the form of an easy to use software toolkit: CBCT Software Tools, or CST for short.

Our CST is designed for use with all Varex Imaging X-ray fluoroscopic flat panel detectors. It comprises a suite of Windows-based software libraries that enables OEMs to quickly develop software that produces high-quality 2D images or 3D reconstructions for industrial applications.

Varex's CBCT image reconstruction software encapsulates individual processing steps into separate plugins. A host application can use some or all of the plugins provided. At the heart of our CBCT imaging software is the Reconstruction Pipeline library for simplified integration. Questa libreria gestisce i plug-in disponibili e funge da singola interfaccia tra un’applicazione host OEM e i plug-in CST.


Funzioni della libreria della pipeline di ricostruzione

• Presenta un’API stabile e di facile utilizzo che supporta sia applicazioni host C++ che .NET.

• Supporta diversi tipi di scansione, geometrie e pannelli.

• Supporta l’elaborazione simultanea della ricostruzione e dell’acquisizione.


Per ulteriori informazioni, scaricate la scheda tecnica.


3D VSHARP is a scatter correction algorithm which is incorporated into Varex’s CST.

The results of our first demonstrations of 3D VSHARP on aluminum and Inconel parts were presented at the 9th International Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography in Padova, Italy 2019. Our white paper is titled ‘Scatter Correction for Industrial Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Using 3D VSHARP, a fast GPU-Based Linear Boltzmann Transport Equation Solver.”


For more results and a deeper explanation of the algorithm, download our white paper, where you can also see the results of our Iconel turbine blade reconstruction.

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