Varex Imaging & Claymount

The Claymount group of companies were acquired by Varian Medical Systems, Inc. in 2015.  As part of a spin-off of the Imaging Components business from Varian, the Claymount companies became part of Varex Imaging Corporation’s global organization as of 31 dicembre 2016. The spin-off of Varex Imaging into an independent company was completed as of 28 gennaio 2017.

As part of our continuous efforts to integrate the Claymount companies into the Varex Imaging organization, we would like to announce the following upcoming changes:

  1. All Claymount companies will migrate to the Varex Imaging trade name as of 1st of luglio 2018.
  2. All Claymount companies will formally change their legal names to a corresponding Varex Imaging name as of 1st of gennaio 2019

The Claymount companies, as Varex Imaging branded companies, will continue to manufacture the same products, from the same manufacturing sites, with no changes to products specifications or performance characteristics.

For the trade name change the Claymount companies will start printing duplicate logos on documents and labels from the 1st of luglio 2018.  In addition to the Claymount trade name, documents and labels will also use the Varex Imaging trade name, as follows:

Claymount and Varex Imaging

All our product labels will bear the two trade names and logos, such as the following:

Claymount product labels

During the second half of 2018, you may receive deliveries with a combination of the trade names – either single trade names or dual trade names.  Rest assured that these deliveries come from the Claymount/Varex Imaging companies.

You will receive a separate letter with more detailed information regarding the legal name change towards the end of calendar year 2018.

We will be working closely with you to make this change process as smooth as possible.  Please do not hesitate to contact your regular Claymount/Varex Imaging business partner in case you have any concerns or require more information.

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